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We have been looking for engineers and scientists who are looking
for the reconstruction of the human visual experience
work place
Graphics scientist and engineers
Sydney, Australia
  • Master Degree or higher in Computer Science, Electrical/Electronic Engineering or related fields, PhD is a strong plus;
  • Proficient in C / C++ and application programming;
  • Experience in dealing with point clouds/Mesh/other graphics and image primitives;
  • Good command of written English;
  • Enthusiastic about working on challenging problems; Self-moti vated and excellent problem solving skills;
  • Interest/willingness to learn about computer vision techniques and concepts, such as image processing, pattern recognition and 3D reconstruction;
Considered an advantage:
  • Publications in CVPR/ICCV/ECCV/TPAMI/ SIGGRAPH/Eurograph ics/ TOG/TVCG/CGF etc;
  • Familiar with at least one parallel computational framework,such as CUDA or OpenCL;
  • Familiar with MATLAB/Python and OpenCV/PCL etc;
  • Some knowledge of camera hardware, embedded platform,optical systems etc.
Senior Hardware Engineer
Shenzhen, China
  • 负责在新型VR成像硬件设计开发,电子电路部分的研发;参与硬件架构设计、芯片选型、产品化研究和系统集成工作;
  • 根据产品、项目详细设计需求,完成符合功能和性能要求的电路设计,FPGA设计、开发和验证等工作;
  • 负责项目电子电路设计文档的输出,整理,更新,归档工作;
Considered an advantage:
  • 985,211 本科或以上,电子、自动化相关专业,有电子竞赛获奖经历优先;
  • 三年以上硬件开发经验,有独立承担过单板研发任务并实现量产经历优先;大型智能硬件公司工作经历优先;
  • 精通高速数字、模拟电路的原理及设计,比如DDR2/DDR3、PCIE、HDMI,对信号完整性有深入了解;
  • 能熟练运用示波器、逻辑分析仪等仪器进行信号测试和分析;
  • 对嵌入式Linux有一定程度理解;
  • 具有产品经验及项目团队带领经验的优先考虑;
  • 具备较强的团队协作能力、沟通能力、责任意识及上进心;具备良好的学习能力,能够承受一定压力。