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3D VR Live Streaming

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A watermarked trial version is offered to experience all the live streaming functionalities before purchase.

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To Deliver Real-Time Virtual Reality

Kandao Live, a high-end live streaming solution that enables the Obsidian 3D VR camera to broadcast
live VR experiences to audience worldwide at scale and at ease. Thanks to highly efficient software im-
plementation and elimination of bulky HDMI capture cards, now you can provide audiences a true
sense of presence and unique new views to content and events with Kandao Live.
It requires an extra license to be used with the Kandao Obsidian S/R camera.

4K 3D Live Streaming & Multiple Production Formats

To provide you the accessibility and efficiency, Kandao live allows the Obsidian camera to stream directly from a computer by ONE Powered Ethernet cable. With wide range of video output alternatives like SDI and RTMP, it supports both 2D 360 and 3D 360 delivery up to 4K, sharing to various 360° video platforms, including YouTube and Facebook.

Recording while Live Streaming

During live broadcasting, the 6 pre-processed video streams captured by Kandao Obsidian can be saved to 6 SD cards in 4K resolution, which can be stitched in our advanced offline processing software Studio to save higher quality footage for post-production or future playback or share on Web after the event.

Real-time Recording

Future Playback

4K High Quality Video Files

Real-time Optical Flow Stitching

Combined with powerful Optical Flow algorithm, Kandao Live enables instant stitching and real-time preview which takes full advantage of the cutting-edge capabilities.

Immersive Experience

With Kandao Live, you can maintain the highest image quality without stitch lines, thus capturing and reliving moments in the most natural and immersive way.

Greater Manual Control of the Camera

Kandao Live offers real-time control of 360° 3D shooting through parameter adjustments of individual lens like
exposure and ISO. You can also use the histogram to check the exposure of the stitched video,
and make global adjustments of Auto Exposure Compensation and color correction with Levels
and Curves (RGB Curve, Real-Time Denoise & LUT import are available. HSL Adjustment is coming soon).

Camera Setting

Color Correction

Efficient Broadcast Workflow

It is all what you need, an Obsidian camera, Kandao Live, a POE power, and a PC with recommended
configuration–quick to set up, easy to use and reliable broadcasting quality, Kandao Live helps
you provide positive audience experience and reach new heights in brand engagement.


PoE Power

kandao Live

Broadcast Events of Any Size

Whether concerts, conferences, wedding or competition, implement live streaming with Kandao Live,
and capture all kinds of events with ease and at scale. From small one camera productions to large multi-camera events,
Kandao Live will soon support scalable live streaming via standard 4K workflows to broadcast events of any size.

Hardware requirements


Windows 10 64-bit


i7-5960x or above


Nvidia GTX 1080 or above


8GB or above

Network Adapter

10Mbps or above

Key Features

Video Output FormatSDI at 30fps format options: 360 monoscopic, 360 stereoscopic (Top/Bottom), 180 stereoscopic (under development)
RTMP live streaming to platforms like YouTube or Facebook
ResolutionMonoscopic: 1920×960, 1920×1080, 2560×1440, 2880×1440, 3840×1920, 3840×2160
Stereoscopic: 1920× 1920, 2880× 2880, 3840× 2160, 3840× 3840
Individual Lens AdjustmentsReal-time automatic and manual exposure and White Balance: EV, Shutter, ISO, Temp, Tint
Stitching FeaturesNormal/High Quality Stitching
2D/3D Mode
Preferred Distance
Auto Exposure Compensation
360° Preview
Main viewing angle orientation adjustment, including Yaw/Pitch/Roll
Logo Picture Change for Top / Bottom
Color Collection FeaturesGlobal real-time black level, white level
RGB Curve & Real - Time Denoise
HSL Adjustment (under development)
Live with Record6 video steams saved in SD cards in 4K resolution
Othersh.264/h.265 support
LAN and Network connection
Exclusive technical support

To Deliver Real-Time Virtual Reality

Kandao Live

Maximum support 4K 30fps live streaming and have access to all features without paying additional fee for future software updates.

It should be used with the Kandao Obsidian R/S camera.


Trial Version
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A watermarked trial version is offered to experience all the live streaming functionalities before purchase.