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To Deliver Real-Time Virtual Reality

Thanks to highly efficient software implementation and elimination of bulky HDMI capture cards, now you can provide audiences a true sense of presence through live broadcasting Virtual Reality experiences with Kandao Live. It requires an extra license to be used with the Kandao Obsidian S/R camera.

3D 4K Live Streaming Solution

Kandao Live is a high-standard live streaming solution that supports real-time 3D 360° stitching, and monoscopic and stereoscopic video outputs up to 4K per eye resolution

Recording while Live Streaming

The 6 pre-processed video streams captured by Kandao Obsidian can be recorded during live broadcasting, using our advanced offline processing system to save higher quality footage for post-production after the event.

Efficient Broadcast Workflow

To provide you the accessibility and efficiency, Kandao live allows the
Obsidian camera to stream directly from a computer by ONE Powered
Ethernet cable. You can output RTMP (SDI under development) to pub-
lish to various 360° video platforms, including YouTube and Facebook.

What features you will get

Hardware requirements


Windows 10 64-bit


i7-5960x or above CPU


Nvidia GTX 1080 or above


32GB or above

Network Adapter

Gigabit Ethernet

To Deliver Real-Time Virtual Reality

Trial version


We provide a watermarked trial version within Kandao Studio, for you to experience all the live streaming functionalities before purchase.

Licensed version


Access to all the features.
Future software updates requires no additional fees.

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