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Frequently Asked Questions





  1. 1. What's the bitrate of the Obsidian camera?
  2. Pioneer Version: 30 Mbps
    Obsidian S/R: 60Mbps(default), 100Mbps

  3. 2. How does the Obsidian record sound? Does each camera of the Obsidian will record sound separately?
  4. Each camera of the Obsidian will record sound separately. And it support line-in and zoom.

  5. 3. How long can the battery last while shooting?
  6. About 40 minutes.

  7. 4. What's the normal working temperature of the Obsidian? How's the heat resistance of the Obsidian?
  8. The normal working temperature is 0-30℃. The Obsidian camera is able to dissipate sufficient heat itself, but we design an external heatsink to enable working in extreme condition.

  9. 5. For timelapse,what's the time interval and file format?
  10. The default time interval is 10 seconds and is customizable. Options includes 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s, 20s, 30s, 60s.
    The file format is jpg(default) and DNG.

  11. 6. What's the mm size and 35 mm equivalent of the mm size of the Obsidian?
  12. Pioneer's mm size is 1.5mm, and the equivalent of the mm size is 8.3mm.
    The mm size of Obsidian S is 1.45mm, and the equivalent ofteh mm size is 7.96mm.
    The mm size of Obsidian R is 1.98mm, and the equivalent ofteh mm size is 10.87mm.

  13. 7. Is the camera of Obsidian rolling shutter or global shutter?
  14. Rolling Shutter.

  15. 8. What's the safe distance?
  16. Pioneer: 1m for 2D and 3D;
    S/R: 1m for 2D while 1.5m for 3D;
    As the stitching algorithm of Kandao Studio can adjust itself according to various scenarios, videos/photos can also be stitched even if the distance between the object and the camera is less than 1 meter, but the likelihood of stitching artifact will increase. 

  1. 1. What happen if the SD card is full?
  2. 1. If the SD card of Camera 01 is full, all cameras of the Obsidian will stop recording.
    2. If the SD card of Camera 02-06 is full, the camera with a full SD card stops recording while other cameras remain recording.

  3. 2.Are there any software applications to adjust the setting, such as exprosure,shutter angle.
  4. For Obsidian S/R, users can use Obsidian Remote App to adjust these settings.

  5. 3. How does the Obsidian save the files?
  6. 1. Each camera will save its file to its SD card.

  7. 4.What are the ways of powering?
  8. 1. Inernal powering: with 2 batteries of Canon DSLR;
    2. External powering: 48V PoE or 12V adapter

  9. 5. What's the requirement of the router's specification?
  10. 1. battery powering;
    2. can connect to extranet;
    3. with a LAN port
    Our Recommendation:
    1. Huawei Honor WS831 2.4G/5G Dual Band Mini Wireless Router
    2. AC750 Wireless Travel Router TL-WR902AC

  1. 1. What's the hardware requirement of Kandao Studio?
  2. 1. CPU: Intel Core i7 or the higher level CPU
    2. Graphics Card: GTX 1080 or the higher level NVIDIA graphics card
    3. RAM: at least 16 GB
    4. Hard Disk: at least 5G available,SSD better
    5. Operation System: Windows 10
    6. Graphic Drivers: Please download the latest graphics driver at http://www.geforce.cn/drivers

  3. 2. Can I run the Studio on the Mac with windows system?
  4. No, because Studio can only run on the computer with the NVIDIA graphics card.

  1. 1. What's the requirement of the network bandwidth for live?
  2. At least 10Mbps for upstream bandwidth.

  3. 2. How should I connect the computer,which Studio is running on, with the Obsidian during live broadcasting?
  4. Please connect the camera and the computer with a powered ethernet cable.